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I Would Like to Check If I Am Covered

This is so you can check to see if you and your family are correctly listed on the roster otherwise your claims maybe delayed or even declined. You will need your company PIN (located below your company logo/company name on your Mayfair Worldwide Medical ID Card) & your ID card no. to access the roster.

If there is any change in the status of your coverage (i.e. Single to Couple/Family), or you are extending/shortening your stay or you are not correctly entered on the roster please send an email immediately to notify your HRD.

(a) I Need To Pre-Certify Treatment - Region 1 ONLY

Prior certification must be obtained from Mayfair Worldwide Administrators for all repatriations and for medical claims exceeding US $250.00. In emergency situations, Mayfair Administrators/Assist must be advised within 24 hours. To pre-certify a scheduled admission in a hospital, outpatient treatments or Eligible Benefits which will exceed US $250.00. You may fill in this form (located on www.mayfairinfo.com or alternatively call MA.. Contact tel nos located on your Medical ID Card) & have your claim pre-certified.

(b) Medical Insurance for visiting Friends, Family and Dependents

This link is to our provider for medical insurance for visiting friends, family and dependents. This insurance can be purchased online.

(c) View My Summary of Cover

If you click on View My Summary of Cover you will go to another web page which will ask for your company PIN which is located on the front of your ID card under your companies logo and or company name (this should be a four digit number). Then after entering your PIN you will have another web page which will show the name of your company & summary of cover, then you will click on summary of cover to view.

(d) Print a Claim Form (specific to each region) - Region 1 & 3 ONLY

You may print a claim form from this link for reimbursements. Please fill in all the fields before sending and remember to keep photocopies of all documents being sent.


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